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Founded in 1998, the background of TJ & CO is centred on delivering software solutions and consultancy based on customer needs.  TJ & CO staff has been actively engaged in government departments for more than ten years & have developed, supported and provided consultancy in over thirty projects.  A 100% success rate in delivering client’s requirements on time and budget is extraordinary.  Attra Partners are proud to be a TJ & Co Training Company.

Successful projects bring positive change, but we frequently underestimate the disruptive impact that change can impose, its impact on people and on their ability to cope with our ever changing world.  Good project managers need an increasingly diverse set of people focused skills to be successful. ChangeMentor offers a unique service for anyone leading change, facing personal change or just trying to cope with a changing world.

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Attra Partners is a TJ & Co Training Company

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Are you enjoying life?  LTG have a simple philosophy.... and it's basically this - life is short, and life’s too good! So we should really make the most of it.  We think that, in today's world, a lot of people have forgotten how to enjoy life.  Not only that but we've found that it's the simple things in life that we enjoy the most and we've also discovered that most of the things we enjoy the most are absolutely FREE.

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